Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

While Goodra is a mono-type that is capable of evolving into a legendary, its stats don’t make it stand out. While it has a powerful Special Attack stat, its move pool isn’t as diverse as some other dragon types, and it has an average base speed. In addition, it lacks a sufficient recovery ability. While its abilities can make up for this shortcoming, they aren’t as effective as those of more powerful Pokemon.

Garchomp is another pseudo legendary that has a respectable pool of HP and a strong typing ability. While it doesn’t have the power of Salamence and Rayquaza, it is a good choice for competitive battling. Its main weaknesses include being weak to Ice, Fire, and Water types.

Metagross is a unique pseudo legendary. It has 10 resistances and no 4x weakness. Its bulk is impressive for a Dragon type. It can also resist Dragon type attacks. Metagross is a favorite pseudo legendary of Steven. It has great bulk and is incredibly dangerous in battle.

Another popular pseudo legendary is Tyranitar. It was introduced in Generation V and VI, and has a very good defense and special defense, as well as a devastating attack. While it lost its Mega-Evolution between Generations VII and VIII, this didn’t hurt it nearly as much as some other Pokemon. Tyranitar’s combat prowess has surpassed the capabilities of Salamence and Metagross.

The original Pseudo Legendary was Dragonite. It had 263 attack points, 198 defense points, and 209 HP, making it an excellent addition to any team. Tyranitar, too, is a fantastic addition to any team. It also has the highest attack and defense stats among all the other Pseudos. It also had an excellent moveset.

The other pseudo legendaries were added in Generation III. Salamence was one of the first to be added. However, it was controversial due to its odd blade-shaped wings. Its pseudo legendary status was only trumped by Mega-Kangaskhan in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but Salamence’s two great abilities make it one of the most powerful Pseudo Legendary Pokemon in the game.

Another Pseudo Legendary is Goodra. It’s a dragon-type Pokemon that plays a major role in the gen 5 games. The game’s heroes use it as a mainstay in their teams. Its attack speed is the highest of all Pseudo Legendary Pokemon, and its weakness is fairies and fairy-type Pokemon.

In addition to being the latest Pseudo Legendary, Kommo-o is the first dual-type dragon-type Pokemon. It evolves from Hakamo-o at level 45. Its arms are extremely powerful and its blows are believed to alter the environment. Moreover, it is said to be capable of dispelling dark forces and dispelling darkness. As a result, it tends to seek out opponents who can match it’s strength.

While the new pseudo Legendary Dragapult only has two types, its Dragon/Ghost combination makes it unique. The only other similar combination is the Dragon/Ghost type in the Legendary Pokemon Giratina. Dragapult’s ghosts are Dreepy, which are the spirits of prehistoric sea creatures reborn as Ghost Pokemon. Dreepy grow up in the head of the Dragapult with the help of the other members of its species. These Pokemon then nest in the holes and eagerly anticipate their time to be fired like supersonic missiles.

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