How to Beat Cliff in Pokémon GO in February 2021

If you’re struggling to beat Cliff in Pokémon GO, you should know that you can beat him using a simple strategy. You’ll need to use a Pokemon with fast charged moves that can knock down Cliff’s shields early. Swift charged moves are especially important, given that the level cap has increased significantly. Alternatively, you can use a Pokemon with a powerful evasion move to avoid Cliff’s attacks.

The best Pokemon to use against Cliff are those that are Water, Psychic, and Ice types. You can also choose to catch a Pokemon with the opposite type, such as a Bug. These Pokemon are weak against Electric, Water, and Grass, but they can withstand Dark.

Another important strategy to beat Cliff is to power up your Pokemon. Rocket Leaders use Pokemon with high CP. Powering up your Pokemon’s stats can have a huge impact on the outcome of a battle. Also, remember that Cliff’s first Pokemon is Teddiurse, a Normal type. It’s not a tough challenge to beat Teddiurse, but a Fighting-type Pokemon can take it down easily.

You can use a Shadow Bulbasaur to take down Cliff. Shadow Bulbasaur is a great Pokemon to use, but you can also use a Shadow Venusaur, Shadow Omastar, or Shadow Swampert. Shadow Bulbasaur is weak to Fire, Water, Ice, and Shadow, so if you use these Pokemon to fight Cliff, you’ll have a good chance of beating him. If you succeed, you’ll have a good chance to capture a shadow Bulbasaur.

Another way to defeat Cliff is by using the Aerodactyl in the second or third slot. This will allow you to counter Cliff’s Slot One Shadow. However, you must be aware that every time you use this strategy, Cliff will freeze. You’ll also need to use the Switch Out strategy to make Cliff use a different type of Pokemon.

It’s important to know your opponent’s Pokemon. Cliff will use an Omanyte in February. It’s a dual Rock and Flying type Pokemon. It’s weak to Fire, Electric, and Ice moves, but can be countered with Rock, Flying, and Water Pokemon. You can also try to use a Pokemon with speed to avoid Cliff’s attacks.

Cliff can also send a Crobat in the second slot. This Pokemon is weak against Ice, Electric, and Rock attacks. So, you should try to use a Pokemon with a Fast Attack and Charged Attack. Also, a Pokemon with a Grass-type weakness can be good against a Crobat.

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