Pokemon GO Shellos Spotlight Hour

In Pokemon GO, you can catch an exclusive new Pokemon called the East Sea Shellos during the Spotlight Hour on Tuesday, August 10th, starting at 6 PM local time. During this time, you can find this Pokémon in spawn points that normally do not spawn, and it will respond to your Incense more often. If you catch it during this time, you can receive 2x Catch XP for the next two days!

Catching an East Sea Shellos is not difficult, but you should be prepared. During the Spotlight Hour, you can catch the Pokemon by collecting Candy, spending Pokecoins on Incense, and carrying Poke Balls. This is a 60 minute event, so you must be prepared for the time it takes to collect all of the items.

You can catch a lot of Pokemon during the Shellos Spotlight Hour, and it will give you 2x XP on each catch. You can also find Lucky Eggs during this time, giving you up to four times XP for every catch! It’s best to try to catch as many as you can, especially if you’re a shiny collector.

In Pokemon GO, you can catch the rare Pokemon, called Shellos, in two forms. The first one is the West Sea form, while the second form is East Sea. The West Sea form is available in the Western Hemisphere, while the East Sea form is exclusive to the Eastern Hemisphere. If you’ve caught both forms, you’ll get two Shellos, which will be part of a family of two. If you have them both, you can use Lure Modules to evolve them into one another.

In addition to Pokebattler’s Raid counters, you can also use Pokebattler to help you counter certain attacks against the Shellos (East Sea) Pokémon. This tool offers a customizable system for results, and it also helps you customize the movesets you use against it.

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