The Johto Tour in Pokemon Go

The Johto Tour is a game-changing event that lets players choose which version of the Pokemon Go app they want to play. The different versions have different features, such as shiny Pokemon and avatar items. You can even earn higher shiny rates if you choose the Johto version. Pokemon Go Tour Johto also features Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh. These Pokemon can be found in your Item Bag, and they can be used as avatar items.

You’ll encounter several shiny Pokemon at this event, including Gyarados and Celebi. In addition to their shiny counterparts, the Johto Tour will also give players a chance to meet rare and mythical Pokemon. This event also contains in-game bonuses, such as two times as much candy for hatching eggs. You’ll also receive more candy for catching Johto Pokemon, and all ticket holders will receive a special in-game medal.

While the GO Tour Johto is an excellent opportunity to earn gold, it’s also an important challenge to power up your Pokemon. You’ll need to collect a lot of Candy products in order to be able to train your Pokemon to be as powerful as possible. In addition, it’s crucial to collect Candy for your Pokemon to be able to use Charged Attack.

Whichever way you choose to participate in the Pokemon GO Johto Tour, you’ll want to use your Incense to increase your chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon. This is the best way to get shinies outside of GO Fest. It also helps you to see more rare monsters, including Gold-exclusive Pokemon.

Johto Tour tickets can be bought in-game, but if you’d rather have an in-person experience, you can purchase the Gold or Silver version for $25. The Gold version has a few additional benefits, including a special in-game medal and access to real-world themed habitats.

The Johto Tour features all the Pokemon from the Johto region and a few Shiny Pokemon. However, the new shiny Pokemon have sparked a lot of controversy, and some players are claiming that the new shiny Pokemon will devalue your Johto Tour ticket.

Silver and Gold versions both contain two new Shiny Pokemon: Mantine and Phanpy. However, these two Pokemon are exclusive to the Gold version, but the latter will be available in the wild after the event is over. Which version you choose depends on your preference, and what Pokemon you’re looking to complete your collection.

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