How to Counter Yanma in LC Ubers

When determining how to counter Yanma, you need to consider her weaknesses, including her low defensive stats, lack of bulk, and Flying/Bug typing. The suggested effective moves are Aerial Ace, Silver Wind, and Wing Attack. These moves are stronger against Yanma, and they can easily defeat this Tier 1 raid boss.

Yanma is one of the scariest Pokemon in LC Ubers, with its powerful abilities and speed. It can get up to 30 damage in a single turn, and can go up to 40 if it has the LO. It can kill nearly anything in one hit, and its Sleep Talking is difficult to avoid in Little Cup, making it a nightmare.

Swift Swimmers are a poor choice against Yanma, as they are outpaced after a single Agility and after several turns against Scyther. In addition, there are very few Swift Swimmers that can handle Yanma’s attack values. The best Rain set-up Pokemon are Bronzor and Scyther, because they can each get eight turns of rain with Damp Rock. Another good rain-user is Chinchou, which gets a boost from Hydro Pump and 100% Accurate STAB Thunder.

While Tangela is unbeatable outside of the sun, Yanma can tie Tangela after the first boost. While Sneasel and Clamperl are a bit of a threat, they can be avoided by using an Ice Shard or HP Fire. Murkrow is also a tough opponent.

The newest addition to the Gen II Pokemon roster is the Pokemon Yanma. This is a bug-type Pokemon that evolved from a pair of Flying Pokemon. It is a very fast flier and has great agility. It also has the ability to see 360 degrees without moving its head. When used correctly, Yanma can evolve into a Yanmega.

The Yanma spawns in the Great Marsh, and it can be spotted using binoculars. It is difficult to catch, but you have a 10% chance of spotting it every day. Then, you can try to catch it! To evolve, you need to use the Ancient Power, which you can learn when you reach level 33. When you level up, your Yanma will evolve into a Yanmega!

If you want to counter Yanma, you need to equip your Sneasel with an Agility set. You can double its speed after using an Agility attack. This means that Yanma will be unable to outspeed it even with Speed Boost. If you don’t use Speed Boost, you’ll have trouble when it comes to defending this deck.

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