Investigate a Mysterious Energy – A New Special Research Quest For Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players will soon be able to enjoy the new special research quest, “Investigate a Mysterious Energy.” This research will give you rewards based on your Pokemon encounters and will also reward you with useful items. It will also give you an opportunity to learn about the Mythical Victini. The best thing about this quest is that it has no deadline, which means you have plenty of time to complete it.

The Investigate a Mysterious Energy quest will let you catch the legendary Pokemon Victini. There are six steps in this research quest, each with three unique challenges. As you progress, you’ll receive rewards based on how hard you were able to complete the challenges. After completing each challenge, you will earn Victini Candy, which you can use to catch Victini in the wild.

In addition to Victini, the new Research questline also gives players the chance to catch Celebi, Jirachi, and Meltan. In the past, these Pokemon have only been available during Go Fest 2020, but they’ve now been made available to everyone. Those who completed the previous research questline won a prize.

On September 30th, 2020, Pokemon GO Trainers will have access to Professor Willow’s new Special Research assignment: Investigate a Mysterious Energy. This research will reward players based on what they learned while completing their GO Fest 2020 research. For example, if you completed the Rocket Straight to Victory Special Research in July, you’ll receive Victini Candy. If you didn’t, you’ll only receive a Victini Candy if you were able to open it on the second day of the festival.

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