How to Get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, Pinap Berries are powerful items that can increase Candy earnings. The first time you catch one, the Candy you earn will be doubled. Moreover, when combined with other in-game bonuses, they can give you even more candy! In addition, they can be found in the Gyms, by leveling up, and even through Research. Silver Pinap Berries can multiply Candy earnings by 2.333x, and they also increase the chances of catching Legendary Pokemon.

Trainers can get Pinap Berries by spinning PokeStops, completing research tasks, or catching Pokemon. However, the most popular way to get them is through gifts. Spinning PokeStops will give you 1-3 berries per visit, while completing research tasks will give you three berries per task. Additionally, leveling up in the game will grant you with berries, but the amount you receive will depend on your trainer level.

Opening a friend’s gift will also give you Pinap berries. If you have a lot of friends, you can share gifts with them so that you can get more Pinaps. You can also visit sites dedicated to Friend Code swapping and gift sharing, which will allow you to exchange Friend Codes for items, including the coveted Pinap berry.

Besides being a great way to catch Pokemon, Pinap berries will also help you evolve rare Pokemon in the game. By using the berries, you will be able to catch Pokemon that require Candy, such as Dratini and Oddish. Getting a few Pinap berries will also help you catch up on Evolutions that you have missed.

Another great way to earn Pinaps is through the Battle League. Leveling up to level forty will give you twenty Pinap Berries, and leveling up to 48 will give you fifteen more. This is a great way to grow your Pokemon collection without spending a lot of money.

Another way to farm Pinap berries is to feed them to Buddy Pokemon that are defending a Gym. They will give your Pokemon an additional energy boost, restoring their energy points. Pinap berries are also great for your Pokemon to be able to evolve, and they are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your Pokemon.

In Pokemon GO, the berry is not sold in the shop, but you can find them at various locations in the game. You can find them in boxes that are displayed on the top of the shop menu. Most of these boxes are paid, but you can sometimes find free boxes that contain a few Pokecoins. However, keep in mind that these boxes do not always contain Pinap berries.

Another way to get Pinap berries is to purchase a special item that combines the Razz Berry and Pinap Berry. This will make it easier for you to catch Pokemon and also give you double Candy when caught. It is best to save this item for rare Pokemon, though, because it can be valuable for powering up your Pokemon or evolving them.

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