A Thousand Year Slumber and Jirachi Shirts in Pokemon GO

After completing the A Thousand Year Slumber Special Research quest line, players will receive a Jirachi themed T-shirt. The T-shirt is exclusive to players who complete the quest line. It will look very similar to the Celebi and Mew shirts. However, there is one major caveat: you must catch three Whismur in the wild in order to complete the quest.

The quest is divided into two main types of tasks: Special Research and Field Research. The former requires you to complete different challenges while Special Research tasks have a specific story-driven order. A Thousand Year Slumber is the fourth Mythical Pokemon quest line, following Celebi and Mew.

The A Thousand Year Slumber Special Research quest is a seven-stage quest that grants a Jirachi when completed. Jirachi is a Gen-3 Mythical Pokemon. You can earn this TM by completing the 7-Step Quest and obtaining special items, like Mossy Lure, Magnetic Lure, and Glacial Lure. It is also possible to receive other cool rewards, such as a Premium Raid Pass and Charge TM.

There are two different ways to complete the quest: you can choose to complete it immediately or wait for a while before continuing. Basically, the quest involves seven distinct steps and three individual challenges. Each step is rewarded with a reward. Once you’ve completed all seven steps, you can begin waking Jirachi. To start this quest, go to the Research tab and select the ‘Wake Jirachi’ option. This quest will give you a special Jirachi shirt.

The A Thousand Year Slumber is a special research quest line in Pokemon GO that unlocks the mythical Pokemon Jirachi. This research line was made available on August 20th, after the Ultra Unlock research challenge in 2019. The special research page outlines the stages and tasks involved in obtaining the Jirachi. By completing Stage 3 of A Mythical Discovery, you can unlock a special Jirachi T-shirt.

The quest begins on August 20th and ends on 30/6/2021. The Jirachi appears in Pokemon GO, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. The quest is split into seven stages, each containing three separate tasks. Those who complete the 7 stages will catch the mythical Jirachi, and players will have the opportunity to purchase a special T-shirt featuring its image.

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