Pokemon Go has a number of special research quests, which grants the mythical Pokemon, unattainable by any other means in the game. These are the same for all the players, and have a series of tasks as part of the Pokemon’s story in the anime. The quest to catch Celebi became live in 2019, under the title ‘A Ripple in Time’, and has eight stages in total, each with its own set of rewards.

Apart from this time-travel Pokemon, there are other quests too, for other mythicals, such as Mew, Meltan, Jirachi, Spiritomb, and Alolan Yamask. A Ripple in Time is similar to A Mythical Discovery (the quest for Mew), where you complete all the missions to obtain Celebi in the last stage. Although Celebi has to be caught in AR, you also get an unlimited number of balls to catch it, therefore you needn’t worry even if it seems difficult at first- the catch rate for all the Pokemon in the special research quest is 100%.


Celebi in Pokemon Go

A Ripple In Time Celebi Cryogarden

The mythical Grass and Psychic-type Pokemon from the Johto region, Celebi has a max CP of 3691, with 210 attack, 210 defence and 225 stamina. It is known to time travel, and is the guardian of the Ilex forest. It’s weaknesses come in the form of Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice and Poison-type moves.

Celebi Pokedex Entry – This Pokémon came from the future by crossing over time. It is thought that so long as Celebi appears, a bright and shining future awaits us.

With Confusion as it’s fast move, and Psychic as the Charged move, Celebi fares well as a Psychic-type attacker in the Great League. Dazzling Gleam is another charged move you can go for, as it allows you to hit the Dark-types, once the shields are down. However, it’s wide range of vulnerabilities makes it weak against a number of top-tier attackers in the Great League, such as Altaria and Umbreon. Celebi might be a bit more useful in the Ultra League, to counter the likes of Blaziken, Meganium and Venusaur; however the availability of other Pokemon with more utility makes it a less attractive choice.

As for PvE, Celebi’s low stats and limited movesets makes it a below – average attacker.

A Ripple In Time Quest

Celebi is unobtainable by any other means, and therefore to get one for yourself, you have to finish the A Ripple In Time Quest. Whether you are new to Pokemon Go, or are on the mission to complete your Pokedex, you have to burn through these eight stages of A Ripple In Time. So, here are all the steps and guides you need to know to complete this Quest quickly and get yourself Celebi in 2020.

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 1

Power up a Pokémon 5 times1000 XP
Battle in a Gym 2 times1000 XP
Battle in a Raid1000 XP

Step 1 of ‘A Ripple in Time’ is quite simple; and if you are a regular Pokemon Go player, you can do it in no time- even in a single day. For powering up the Pokemon, you need the Pokemon’s candies and Stardust. You can get Candies by catching and transferring the Pokemon, and Stardust by catching Pokemon, battling in Gyms or in Go Battle Leagues. We’d suggest powering up a lucky Pokemon, for it requires less Stardust. As for battling in a gym two times, locate a gym which you don’t own and have more than two Pokemon, and battle: you don’t have to win, just battle.

Raids happen randomly in various gyms, and it shouldn’t be much trouble for you to participate in one, because of the availability of remote raids. If you’re having trouble finding some in your area, you can always ask your friend to invite you remotely, and use a Remote Raid Pass (available in the Credit store) to participate. If alone, participate in a Tier 1 raid, which can be easily soloed.

STEP 1 Completion Reward

Pokeball CryogardenFast TM Cryogarden A Thousand Year SlumberSpecial Incubator Cryogarden
10 PokeballsFast TMSpecial Incubator

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 2

Make 3 new Friends1500 XP
Evolve an evolved Grass-type Pokémon1500 XP
Catch a Pokémon 3 days in a row1500 XP

The second part of the quest might take a bit long, but is still easy. The first task needs you to add three new friends- do this by sharing your Trainer Code with other players. If you are having difficulty in connecting with other people, make three new Pokemon Go IDs, and add them to your friend list.

The second mission might seem simple, but there’s a catch- you need to evolve an already evolved Grass-type. For example, you need to evolve your Ivysaur to Venusaur or Weepinbell into Victreebel. To encounter more Grass-types, go to open fields or wooded areas. But do not evolve a Gloom in this stage, for you will have to do that in the next part.

The third mission is the simplest- you just have to catch a Pokemon for three consecutive days: the Pokemon can or cannot be the same.

STEP 2 Completion Reward

Sun Stone Pokemon Go CryogardenStardust Cryogarden Pokemon GoPremium Raid Pass Cryogarden
Sun Stone1500 StardustPremium Raid Pass

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 3

Reach level 252000 XP
Use a Sun Stone to evolve Gloom or Sunkern2000 XP
Hatch 9 Eggs2000 XP

The first mission is to reach Level 25, so if you’re already in level 25 or above, this mission is complete for you. If you are not, you can use lucky eggs to get more XP per catch, or battle in Tier 5 or Mega Raids (20k for each). Also, becoming Great friends with a player grants 100k XP, so keep these in mind if you want to level up quickly.

Sun stones and other items for evolution (such as Sinnoh stone or Dragon scale) can be obtained from the 7th day streak of Pokestop spins. So even if you have spent the sun stone you received from Mission 2, you can get one again. Gloom or Sunkern need Sun stone in their final evolution (i.e. Bellossom and Sunflora). Gloom requires 100 candies to evolve, while Sunflora requires only 50; however Gloom is more common than Sunkern.

Hatching 9 eggs might be troublesome, and need a lot of walking. So try incubating mostly 2km eggs, or buy super incubators from the credit store. You can get eggs by spinning PokeStops and Gyms.

STEP 3 Completion Reward

Eevee Cryogarden A Ripple In TimeKing's Rock Cryogarden Pokemon GoPremium Raid Pass Cryogarden
EeveeKing’s RockPremium Raid Pass

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 4

Walk 10 km with Eevee as your buddy to earn Candy2500 XP
Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day2500 XP
Send 20 Gifts to friends2500 XP

Switch your buddy to Eevee and start walking as soon as you get this mission- walking 10km would take a bit of work. Also, collect additional candies, for you would need it for the next stage too. To evolve an Espeon you can either use the name trick (rename your buddy Eevve Sakura and hit evolve) or walk 10km with it and evolve during the day. Make sure that you evolve the same Eevee which is your buddy and with which you’ve walked 10kms. The second mission will already be complete if you walk 10kms.

Sending 20 gifts to friends is easy, but time consuming. You can normally hold 10 gifts at a time, but it temporarily has been made 20 for now. To get more gifts, you can spin PokeStops and Gyms. Also make sure your friends open your gifts, so that you can send them more the next day.

STEP 4 Completion Reward

Eevee Cryo Garden A Ripple In TimeStardust Cryogarden Pokemon GoMetal Coat Cryogarden Poekmon Go
Eevee2500 StardustMetal Coat

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 5

Walk 10 km with Eevee as your buddy to earn Candy3000 XP
Evolve Eevee into Umbreon at night3000 XP
Trade a Pokémon3000 XP

This step is much more similar to Step 5, for you need to walk 10km with Eevee as your buddy, and evolve it into Umbreon during the night. To do so, use the name trick (rename your buddy Eevee Tamao) if you haven’t used it already, and evolve it at night. Otherwise evolve the Eevee you have walked 10kms with, and evolve it at night. It is worth the time and effort, for Umbreon is a top tier attacker in the Great League.

Making a trade is perhaps the simplest step- find a friend with a good friendship level (so that you spend less Stardust), be in close range, and make the trade.

STEP 5 Completion Reward

Starpiece Pokemon Go Cryogarden A Thousand Year SlumberPinap Berry Pokemon Go CryogardenUp-Grade Cryogarden
Star Piece15 Pinap BerriesUp-Grade

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 6

Visit PokéStops 7 days in a row3500 XP
Use 25 Pinap Berries while catching Pokémon3500 XP
Use items to evolve Pokémon 2 times3500 XP

If you thought catching Pokemon for three consecutive days was a hassle, this might be even more of a trouble. Spinning PokeStops for 7 continuous days is even more of a hassle. Moreover, if you miss even one day, you will have to start over again.

The second mission needs you to use 25 pinap berries to catch Pokemon; quite simple, since you got 15 already from the previous step. If you don’t have enough, spin PokeStops and Gyms to get more of those.

The third mission needs you to evolve two Pokemon using evolutionary items. If you still have those items which you got from rewards, it’s quite simple, otherwise you can get those on the seventh day of daily PokeStop spin. If you haven’t completed Let’s go Meltan, then it’s suggested not to evolve a Scyther- it’s one of the missions there. Some of the Pokemon which you can evolve are: Poliwhirl, Seadra, Slowpoke, Gloom, Porygon, etc.

STEP 6 Completion Reward

Stardust Cryogarden Pokemon GoDragon Scale Pokemon Go CryogardenSilver Pinap Berry Cryogarden A Thousand Year Slumber
3500 StardustDragon Scale5 Silver Pinap Berries

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 7

Catch 40 Grass- or Psychic-type Pokémon4000 XP
Make an Excellent Curveball Throw4000 XP
Earn a gold Johto medal4000 XP

Catching 40 Grass or Psychic-types is actually quite easy- you have a wide variety of options for that. Many Grass and Psychic-types such as Meditite, Natu, Bellsprout, Exeggcute are quite common. You can also raid for the types you need.

An excellent curve throw needs some time and practice. To make things easier, try this on Pokemon with big target areas such as Wailmer or Legendary raid bosses. Getting a Johto medal needs you to catch 70 Pokemon which were originally discovered in the Johto region.

STEP 7 Completion Reward

Fast TM Cryogarden A Thousand Year SlumberSilver Pinap Berry Cryogarden A Thousand Year SlumberA Ripple In Time Celebi Cryogarden
Charge TM10 Silver Pinap BerriesCelebi

Pokemon Go: A Ripple In Time Quest – STEP 8

Already Complete4500 XP
Already Complete4500 XP
Already Complete4500 XP

Now, Step 8 of ‘A Ripple In Time’ gets auto completed and trainers just need to collect XP and other cool rewards.

STEP 8 Completion Reward

Stardust Cryogarden Pokemon GoSuper Incubator CryogardenJirachi Candy Pokemon Go Cryogarden
5500 StardustSuper Incubator20 Celebi Candy
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