How to Get Pokemon Go XL Candy

The Pokemon Go XL Candy is used to boost Pokemon’s energy and level. To reach Level 50, you need to collect at least 296 of them. There are several ways to obtain them. One option is by trading other Pokemon to obtain XL Candy. Another option is to train Pokemon with Elite Fast TMs.

In addition to trading, you can also catch wild Pokemon. While catching wild Pokemon is the easiest way to level up, it can be tricky to obtain Legendaries. Luckily, the game makers, Niantic, are working to find new ways to earn XL Candy. Until then, the best way to get XL Candy is to catch the Pokemon you’ve been wanting to catch.

Another way to earn XL Candy is to complete tasks and complete reward zones. It is important to get the task right. It’s a great way to get more candy and level up your Pokemon fast. You can even get XL candy if you’re not yet level 40.

XL candy can also be obtained when you catch Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. These Pokemon can provide you with three XL candies per encounter. The higher level your Pokemon is, the more likely it is to give you an XL Candy. Make note of the XL Candy you collect before you evolve your Pokemon. After evolution, it will show up in your Pokemon’s XL Candy total.

You can also convert your standard candy into XL candy. This will give you a lot of XL Candy, but it’s not a guaranteed method. This method is a good alternative if you have plenty of candy. However, it’s not the easiest way to obtain the XL Candy.

The best way to collect XL Candy is by catching Pokemon. You can obtain these candies by hatching eggs, catching Pokemon, and trading them with your friends. However, you need to be at Trainer Level 31 or higher in order to get an XL Candy. You can’t get XL Candy by catching a base Pokemon, so you need to catch a Pokemon that has evolved or is in Legendary form.

XL Candy is used to power up Pokemon. A typical Pokemon needs 10 XL Candy to fully power up, but some Pokemon need more to power up. For example, a shadow Pokemon needs more XL candy than a normal one. You can also use an XL candy to level up your Pichu.

XL Candy is a very useful resource in Pokemon GO, as it allows players to level up their Pokemon faster. In the latest update, the level cap for Trainers was increased from 40 to 50, and CP levels were raised as well. XL Candy is difficult to acquire, so it’s important to learn how to obtain it efficiently. Hopefully, this Pokemon GO XL candy guide will prove helpful.

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