The mythical Pokemon, Meltan is seeked by a lot of players, for it’s evolved form, Melmetal is among the top performers in the Meta. Earlier available only through the special research quest ‘Let’s go Meltan!’, players can now get a mystery box full of these mythical nut Pokemon for free. Yes, with the integration of Pokemon Home with Pokemon Go, players can get a Mystery Box in Pokemo Go, for free! This Mystery Box is the key to get yourself a number of Meltan, since it can be used infinite number of times (with a cooldown of 3 days). This means, upon opening a couple of Mystery Boxes, you can get yourself a Melmetal. All you need to do is to link your acount to Pokemon Home, and transfer a Pokemon, and you can get as many Meltan as you want. Read on to know the steps to integrate your account to get Mystery Box in Pokemon Go.


What is Pokemon Home

Pokemon Home is basically a Cloud service, where your Pokemon from all the other (compatible) Pokemon games can gather. It is available for Nintendo Switch, and other compatible mobile devices. The idea of being able to gather all the favorite Pokemon came up in Pokémon Silver and Gold with the Time Capsule, which evolved into the Pokemon Bank later. Pokemon Home is simply an newer and better Pokemon Bank, which is compatible with a variety of games icnluding Pokemon Go and the Nintendo switch games (such as Sword and Shield).

However there are some limitations on which Pokemon you can transfer to Pokemon Home. Another thing to be kept in mind is that once you transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Home, you cannot get it back in Pokemon Go. The transferred Pokemon will be added to the National Pokedex, and this is where you can view all your transferred Pokemon from various Pokemon games.

What is Mystery Box in Pokemon Go

The Mystery Box is a special item available in Pokemon Go, which when opened, causes Meltan to appear in the wild for a certain duration of time. It works almost similarly to an Incense; the differences being it can attract only one Pokemon and has a cooldown of several days. Once opened, the mythical Pokemon spawns in the wild, with an average rate of 1 in every 1.5 minutes. When the time runs out, Meltan stops spawning and the box needs to be recharged. Mystery Box has a cooldown of 3 days, and once it’s over you can recharge it by transferring a Pokemon to Pokemon Home. We shall be discussing more of it below.

How to catch Meltan with the Mystery Box

Regardless of whether you complete ‘Let’s Go, Meltan’ or not, you can use the Mystery Box anytime to catch meltan in Pokemon Go. There are a few steps to follow before you can obtain and open a Mystery Box. These steps are:

  • Link your account to Pokemon Home
  • Transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Home
  • Open the Mystery Box

Follow these steps to link your Pokemon Go account to Pokemon Go Home:

  • In Pokemon Go, open Settings.
  • Scroll down until you see Pokemon HOME and tap on it.
  • Under Nintendo Account, tap on Sign in. If you do not have one, you first have to create an account. To do so, you can visit the official Nintendo website.
  • A pop-up message appears asking for permission to sign in. Tap on Continue.
  • Enter the credentials to sign in. In order to integrate with the mainline games, be sure to sign in with the one that you use on your Switch.
  • Now tap on Ok.Your account is linked, and you will be redirected back to Pokemon Go.

Transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon HOME

In order to obtain a Mystery Box, you first need to transfer at least one Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home. You can transfer any Pokemon- the CP, stats, or legendary status would not affect anything. To transfer a Pokemon to Pokemon Home, follow these steps:

  • In Pokemon Go, open Settings and scroll down and select Pokemon HOME.
  • You will now see and option ‘Send Pokemon’. Tap on it and click on Continue.
  • Now select the Pokemon you want to transfer. It can be any common Pokemon.
  • Tap on Next and Transport.
  • Tap on Done. At this point, the transport is not yet complete.
  • Open Pokemon HOME. You will see a message that says ‘One or more Pokemon has been transferred from Pokemon Go. Would you like to receive them?’ Select Yes to complete the transfer.
  • Now tap on ‘View transferred Pokemon’ and then ‘Receive Pokemon’. The Pokemon has been received in Pokemon HOME, and Mystery Box would be available for you in Pokemon Go.

Open the Mystery Box in Pokemon Go

Mystery Box Pokemon Go Cryogarden

Now that you have transferred a Pokemon to HOME, a Mystery Box will already be available for your Pokemon Go account. Follow these steps in order to start catching Meltan.

  • In Pokemon Go, open your Item bag.
  • Scroll down and you will see a new Black box among your items. This is the Mystery Box.
  • Tap on the Mystery Box. You will see ‘Days remaining to access: 0 days’. This means your Mystery Box is charged and ready to use.
  • Click on Ok whenever you are ready to catch Meltan.
  • The Mystery Box opens, and you will see Meltan starting to spawn around you for 1 hour. The average rate of spawns is 1 in every 1.5 minutes.

Note: Once the timer of the Mystery box sets to 0 i.e. at the end of an hour, Meltan will stop spawning around you. The Mystery Box will have a cooldown of 3 days, after which you have to transfer a Pokemonagain to HOME. This will recharge your Mystery box and it can be continued to use again.

Meltan and Melmetal PvP Analysis in Pokemon Go

Melmetal Pokemon Go Cryogarden

Meltan is a mythical Steel-type Pokemon with a very limited avaibility. It has the honour of being the first Pokemon from the main series to be featured in Pokemon Go, and the first mythic to debut outside of the main series. It is also the only mythical Pokemon that can traded and used as Gym defender. Earlier, the Pokemon Go players could only obtain a Meltan by either linking their account to Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee orLet’s Go Pikachu, or by completing the Special Research quest, ‘Let’s go, Meltan’. Not only did this quest grant only one Meltan, but was one of the toughest in game. But now, with the integration of Pokemon Home to Pokwmon Go, players can get a Mystery box full of Meltan that can be used a number of times, with a cooldown of just 3 days.

Melmetal, the evolved form of Meltan, can only be evolved in Pokemon Go. It boasts of a very high max CP of 3599, that allows it to perform quite well in the Go Battle leagues. In fact, it ranks 2nd in the Master League (according to PvPoke). While Melmetal lacks it’s signature moves, Thunder shock is an excellent fast-energy generating Fast move that can pressurize the opponents to use up their shields. Talking about the Great League, Melmetal sees a somewhat low ranking owing to the avaibility of a number of counters in the form of Whiscash, Medicham and more. In the Ultra League, Melmetal can take down the top picks such as Lugia, Cressilia and other Dragon-types making it a viable option for your team. However, it shines the best in the Master League. With no CP cap, it can flex it’s max CP of 3599 and moves that complement it’s typeing. Superpower and Rock Slide are your go to moves, for it offers coverage against other Steel and Flying-types, including Dialga and Togekiss.