Levelling up in Pokemon Go is an integral and an important aspect of the game as it proves to be a definition of how experienced a Trainer is and what has the Trainer accomplished so far in game.

While for many, levelling up is easy since they play everyday of the week, however, there are a vast majority of trainers who just can’t play that much and they often find themselves stuck on a certain level.

Now, it’s a known fact that playing the game is the key to gain XP but little does anyone know how to gain XP quicker and level up faster. So here’s an easy but thorough guide on how to level up faster in Pokemon Go, explaining every possible way to gain XP in the shortest possible timeframe.

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Benefits of levelling up in Pokemon Go

For our newer audience who have just started playing Pokemon Go – Levelling up isn’t just about showing off your skillset, it means much more than that especially at starter levels. This means there are lots of fun and new stuff which you can unlock by simply levelling up, by earning more and more XP.

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So before we get into the depths of learning more about XP, let’s just take a look at what new items or experiences trainers can unlock by levelling up.

LevelTotal XPReward Unlock
510,000Gym Team, Potion, Revives
828,000Razz Berry
1045,000Go Battle League, Super Potion
1265,000Great Ball
15100,000Hyper Potion
20210,000Ultra Ball
25710,000Max Potion
302,000,000General IV Pokemon, Max Revive
4020,000,000XL Candy, Highest Power-Up (with Berries)
5030,000,000Highest available Power-Up Level

Tips to level up faster in Pokemon Go

So, now that you know what exactly are you getting for levelling up in Pokemon Go. Let’s focus on how to maximize your XP gain which would speed up the process of levelling up and make it far more easier than the traditional grinding method.

Here’s a detailed guide including various different methods to gain surplus XP in limited time; try to implement these in your game whenever possible.

1. Synchronize your Catch & Spin Streak

Catch and Spin streaks are Niantic’s way of luring players to play daily. And therefore, you are rewarded handsomely whenever you complete either of them.

Apart from the first catch and first spin of the day, you get special bonuses for maintaining your streak for 7 consecutive days. These include 2500XP on the 7th day streak of Pokemon catch, as well as 2500XP for the 7th day streak of Pokestop (or Gym) spin.

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Now that you understand the importance of the streaks, it’s time to understand how beneficial they will be, when synchronized. Of course, you will get the same amount of XP when they fall on different days, but what you are missing is the cumulative bonus.

This means, if you crack a Lucky egg on the 7 day streak, you will get 5000XP at once; and if they fall on the same day, it will be 10,000XP in a go! Therefore, you can stack up greater XP with a single Lucky egg on the same day if your 7 Catch as well as Spin streak are synchronized.

2. Do not waste Lucky Egg

Lucky eggs cost 80 Pokecoins each, and for most, this is an expensive item. You can get Lucky eggs as a reward for levelling up, but that does not happen in all the levels. Therefore, you might want to strategize before using up your Lucky eggs randomly.

For instance, Legendary raids reward 10,000XP at once. During an event that rewards 2x XP, this becomes 20,000XP per raid. Now, if you use your Lucky egg during this time, your XP will straight up amount to a whopping 40,000. Alternatively, certain spotlight hours also offer double XP per catch, or while evolving. This is another great time to crack a Lucky egg.

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Therefore, our advice would be to keep an eye out on any bonus XP rewarding events, Streak bonus, or any other special event (such as becoming best friends), to get the most out of your Lucky eggs.

3. Try making more In-game Friends

Reaching different friendship levels with a trainer rewards different amounts of XP. Great, Ultra and Best friends reward 3,000XP, 50,000XP and 1,00,000XP respectively.

While this is a time consuming process (it takes 90 days to become Best friends), it is equally rewarding. So you see, using a Lucky egg on the day you will become best friends will give you 2,00,000XP!

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How do you know the day you will become best friends you ask? Well, there is a method to track the number of days remaining:

  • Click on the profile of the friend whose status you want to see.
  • Below the trainer’s name, you will see 4 hearts.
  • Click on the last heart to see how many more days you need to become Best friends with that trainer.

Use the Lucky egg before opening a gift, raiding together or trading with that friend when you see ‘Play together for 1 more days to become Best Friends!’, and viola, you get an instantaneous 2,00,000XP.

To maximize your gain, add as many friends in game as possible. There are various Discord groups where people share their trainer codes, or you might want to just go out and make new friends!

4. Make Excellent Curve Ball Throws

The bonuses for each throw, besides catch XP, are as follows:

Throw TypeBonus
Nice throw10XP
Great throw50XP
Excellent throw100XP

As you can see, the better your throw is, the more XP bonus you get. Great and Excellent throws not only give bonus XP, but also increase the catch rate. Therefore, with an Excellent throw you not only get 100XP per catch, but an additional 100XP. If you manage to catch that Pokemon in a single throw, add 50XP. So, you can gain at least 200XP per catch if you manage to make excellent throws.

5. Mass Catching Pokemon with Quick Catch

Quick Catch Pokemon Go Cryogarden

Mass catching is an excellent way to harvest Startdust as well as XP. For this method, go to an area with a dense spawn- malls, parks or monuments are the places where we usually get to see increased Pokemon spawns. Additionally, you can use an incense to increase the spawns around you.

Now that you are ready, start catching as many Pokemon as you can. You might want to sue the Quick catch method for this one to increase the number of catches.

For Quick Catch, you have to use both hands. While in the encounter screen, start by holding the berry icon with one finger and sliding it slightly towards the right (or towards the Pokeball). Make sure you do not tap, which will result in you opening the berry menu. Slide gently, and hold it there. Now, with your other hand, throw the ball, and after throwing, let go of the berry icon (this will result in the opening of the berry menu). Now tap on any blank area on the screen to make the berry menu disappear.

Quick Catch 1 Pokemon Go Cryogarden

If done correctly, you will see the ‘Run’ option is still available towards the top left, while the ball is being thrown. Click on the Run option to go back to the map. Now check your inventory to see if the Pokemon is in there. If not, then go back and catch that Pokemon again. This will take a few attemps to master, but is very fast and allows you to skip the catch animation.

What are Lucky Eggs and when to use it?

Lucky Eggs are consumable items which doubles the amount of XP for 30 minutes. They are applicable for all XP rewarding activities- from Pokemon catch to Raids, spins, evolving and even if the Pokemon flees. Unlocked at level 9, these eggs are your answer to XP grinding and levelling up.

You can get Lucky Eggs as a reward for levelling up. You get Lucky eggs at trainer level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. They can also be bought from the Credit store for 80 Pokecoins each, or a bundle of 8 for 500 and a bundle of 25 Eggs for 1,250 Pokecoins. To use a Lucky Egg, go to your item storage, scroll down until you see it, and tap on it. When activated, a 30 minutes timer will start, and any XP gained during this time will be doubled. While they normally last for 30 minutes, the duration of Lucky eggs can increase during certain events.

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To get the maximum out of the Lucky Eggs, they should be used only during certain events. These include- when you are in a dense spawn and planning to catch a number of Pokemon, during events granting 2x or 3x XP, when you are about to become Best Friends, or during Raid hours. Meanwhile, keep a number of low cost Pokemon ready to evolve (such as Pidgey or Ratatta). If you manage to hatch any eggs during this period, it’s even better!

Plan beforehand in order to maximize the XP gain with Lucky Eggs. When used efficiently, it will help you level up in no time, and can also save your time and resources.

XP rewarding activities list in Pokemon Go

You can get some amount of XP from almost every activity in game. However, it is important to the amount of XP per activity, so that you can decide the best time to use your Lucky Eggs. Therefore, here is a list of all the XP rewarding activities in Pokemon Go.

ActivityNormal XPXP with Lucky Egg
Catch a Pokemon100XP200XP
New Pokedex entry500XP1000XP
Curveball throw10XP20XP
Nice throw20XP40XP
Great throw100XP200XP
Excellent throw1000XP2000XP
Pokemon caught on First throw50XP100XP
Catch a Pokemon in AR mode300XP600XP
Pokemon runs away25XP50XP
Evolve a Pokemon500XP1000XP
Hatch a 2km Egg700XP1400XP
Hatch a 5km Egg1000XP2000XP
Hatch a 7km Egg1500XP3000XP
Hatch a 10km Egg1000XP2000XP
Hatch a 12km Egg4000XP8000XP
Feeding berry to Pokemon in Gym50XP100XP
Win a Gym Battle400XP800XP
Spin a PokeStop100XP200XP
Spin a new PokeStop250XP500XP
First PokeStop spin of day500XP1000XP
7 Day PokeStop Streak2000XP4000XP
First Pokemon Catch of day500XP1000XP
7 Day Catch Streak2000XP4000XP
Complete a Tier 1 Raid3000XP6000XP
Complete a Tier 3 Raid5000XP10,000XP
Complete a Tier 5 Raid10,000XP20,000XP
Spinning a Gym Photo Disc25-100XP50-200XP
Complete a Research Breakthrough3000XP6000XP
Send a Gift200XP400XP
Become Great Friend3,000XP6,000XP
Become Ultra Friend50,000XP1,00,000XP
Become Best Friend1,00,000XP2,00,000XP

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