How to Beat Giovanni in the June 2021 Challenge in Pokemon GO

There are various ways to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO. These include using the right counters. First, look at Giovanni’s Pokemon lineup and see which of them are weak. You may want to consider using Dialga, Mewtwo, and Conkeldurr, which are all Fighting-type Pokemon. These will help you defeat Giovanni’s Persian.

Another way to beat Giovanni is to learn how to use shadow-type Pokemon. In the June 2021 challenge, Giovanni will use Shadow Legendary Pokemon. These start out as Zapdos but will change to Ho-Oh on June 17. The best way to beat Giovanni is to prepare and know how to counter each of his Pokemon.

The team of Giovanni has not changed much over the past few months, with the only change being the Shadow Zapdos. It is expected that the team will change in June 2021 as well. Giovanni’s team is similar to that of the Team GO Rocket Leaders, with lots of Charged Attacks. The team consists of Persion, Kangaskhan, and Nidoking, with Garchomp and Nidoking following.

If you are unsure how to beat Giovanni, you can change your roster and rematch the match. You can use a combination of Pokemon, such as Dragons, Fire, and Electric-type Pokemon. However, Giovanni’s Pokemon can quickly deplete your Super Rocket Radar. However, if you fail to get the super Rocket Radar, you can always change your roster.

You can also try other Pokemon, including Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon. These Pokemon are not as powerful as Dragons, but you can try them. In addition to Pokemon, you can also try to use Togekiss with Fairy moves. While Togekiss is your best bet against Persian, you can also try using Dark or Dragon-type Pokemon to counter its attack.

You can also use Shadow Latias, which is Giovanni’s current Round 3 Pokemon. This Pokemon has several resistances, so it can be very effective against Giovanni. This Pokemon can also be used as a counter for Gyarados. For the best results, make sure that you know what kind of Pokemon Giovanni uses and what moves it’s weak to.

Using Team Go Rocket is an excellent way to defeat Giovanni and find the new Shadow Pokemon. You need to find this item in a Pokestop. Giovanni will pop up when you are near the Pokestop. If you do so, you can use your Super Rocket Radar against him.

A good way to deal with Giovanni is by using a Pokemon that is weak to Fairy or Electric. This Pokemon has a Counter that protects you from Ghost moves. This Pokemon can also be defeated using a Rock-type Pokemon. In addition to Honchcrow, Nidoking can replace Honchcrow in the Pokemon lineup. If you’re more of a fan of Fighting-type Pokemon, use Mewtwo or Garchomp. If you prefer Bulky Pokemon, use Kyogre.

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