Pokemon Go Counters For Poliwrath

Poliwrath is a tough Pokemon that appears during Weather Week, one of many weekly events in Season of Legends. However, it has many weaknesses that you can use to defeat it. You’ll need to learn what these weaknesses are so that you can use the most effective Pokemon to defeat it.

When it comes to speed, Poliwrath has two decent fast moves: Bubble and Rock Smash. Bubble is the better option as it charges faster and does more damage. While Rock Smash has higher base damage, it’s lower DPS and charges slower. Bubble is faster and can charge faster, but it’s not enough to make up for Rock Smash’s inferior charge moves. Fortunately, both of these moves are Fighting-types.

You can calculate your Best Fast Move DPS vs. Poliwrath’s Best Fast Move DPS can be calculated by taking the DPS of your best move with STAB and multiplying it by 1.25 for single weakness and 1.56 for double weakness. You can also use the best Charge Move to counter Poliwrath.

Another strategy that works well against Poliwrath is to use Power up Punch. This move increases the Attack stat of your Poliwrath, boosting its 182 Attack stat. It also pairs well with Hydro Pump and Bubble. However, you have to be careful not to Mega Evolution the Pokemon as this can be a waste of Mega Energy. Mega Evolution should only be used when it has multiple uses.

While the female version of the grunt uses Flying-type Pokemon, a strong Fire-type Pokemon is best to counter it. Strong Flying-types and strong Ice-type Pokemon will also be effective against it. In addition to Fire and Fighting-type Pokemon, a strong Bug-type Pokemon is also an effective counter against this grunt.

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