Choosing Your First Water Pokemon

Water-type Pokemon are among the most popular starter Pokemon in the games. However, they are not the only choice for new players. Other starter Pokemon have more appealing designs than water-type counterparts. So, when choosing your first starter Pokemon, you should choose wisely. Here are some tips to help you make a good choice.

Samurott: Samurott is a decent water starter Pokemon. It is capable of dishing out decent DPS. However, it lacks the power and range of other Water Pokemon. A good alternative would be Greninja, who was the most popular Pokemon in 2020. This Pokemon has a respectable ATK stat, and it can also equip Water Shuriken, Muddy Water, and Razor Shell.

Popplio: Another good water starter Pokemon is the adorable Popplio. This cute Pokemon spews liquid from its nostril, creating massive balloons that explode and bounce off of enemies. Its unique move, Liquid Voice, can even transform into a powerful Water-type move. Its only flaw is that it has an average speed.

Primarina: While a great water starter, Primarina isn’t the best choice in competitive play. Its ATK is not as high as some other Water starters, but its ATK and defenses are decent for a Water type. Although its middle evolution is lame, its final form is a fearsome monster, Feraligatr.

Squirtle: Another good water starter is Squirtle, which evolves into a Wartortle in the anime. This Pokemon is relatively easy to catch and has an appealing design. It has a wide range of guarding techniques, including Skull Bash, which boosts its defense. Its family members will also gain many Water techniques, including one Dark attack, such as the Blastoise.

Crocanaw: Another great water starter, Crocanaw is a surprisingly popular Pokemon in Unova. It has blue fur and sharp fangs. It also has the ability to evolve into Feraligatr, which has a nice shade of blue. Despite its small stats, Crocanaw is very competitive. Its popularity is a testament to its quality as a starter evolution.

Piflop: The water starter, Piflop, is similar to Pikachu, in that it can transform into a blue cloak. Its personality and appearance are similar to Pikachu, and it inflates its chest when irritated. Despite being a weak water starter, it has a unique personality that has made it a beloved Pokemon among fans of the series.

Greninja: While the Greninja is one of the most popular starter Pokemon in the game, it has few disadvantages. While it is not the strongest Pokemon in PvP, it has an impressive special attack. It also has excellent speed. Although it lacks matching stats, Greninja can work well in certain matchups, especially when combined with a Hydro Cannon or a Night Slash. The latter is especially useful if you are facing a Pokemon with the Sniper ability.

Blastoise: Another water starter, Blastoise is a cute and cool Pokemon that has a lot of useful qualities. It’s one of the most versatile Pokemon in the game. It has a slight advantage over 3 gym leaders, but is weak to two Elite 4 members. Blastoise also shines in combat, and its new Mega Launcher is especially useful.

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