Cresselia – How to Play Cresselia in the Ultra League

While Cresselia is a good Pokémon, you should be careful in how you use it. This is a Pokemon that does best with a wide variety of movesets, so you shouldn’t just follow the crowd blindly. The Psycho Cut / Grass Knot / Moonblast combination works quite well, but you should also consider using other movesets that will benefit your team’s overall strategy.

As a psychic Pokemon, Cresselia has a lot to offer. She has two great Fast Moves, Psycho Cut and Confusion, which provide solid energy generation and STAB damage to your opponent. In addition to this, she has an excellent secondary attack in Grass Knot, which provides some extra coverage.

If you’re looking to topple Cresselia, be sure to use a fire-type Pokemon to counter her, such as Talonflame. While this fire-type Pokemon has an incredible fast attack, it loses to a large number of grass-type Pokemon, including Registeel and Giratina.

For the most part, Cresselia is a very good tank, with its high defensive value and a high range of attacks. If you’re using this Pokémon in a competitive environment, you’ll need to be careful of your opponent’s special movesets. Cresselia isn’t immune to Ghost-types, though, and she doesn’t counter Raikou with shadow ball.

If you’re a Pokémon fan, you might want to consider a few other options, such as the Clefable Ultra League. These are great Pokemon against Cresselia, Togekiss, and Giratina. And don’t forget about the Shadow Walrein, which is also a Legendary.

Another viable option for the Ultra League is Swampert. This meta-dominant Pokémon has a great range of attacks and is capable of taking down most Go-Pokemon. This Pokemon has two Fast Moves, Body Slam and Lick. This Pokémon also has an excellent secondary move called Earthquake.

If you’re trying to dominate in the Ultra League, you may want to consider Abomasnow. This Pokemon is a great tank with a high CP cap, and it’s great at using XL Candy. Its slew of attack moves, including Power-Up Punch and Foul Play, are incredibly powerful.

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