How to Earn Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

A trainer who completes many raids and wins battle leagues will have many rare candies. Rare candies have different abilities and characteristics and are useful to trainers for various purposes. They can be stored to be used at a later date or spent on a favorite Pokemon. There are a few things to keep in mind when spending your rare candy.

The safest way to find rare candy is to participate in raids or research tasks. However, normal players are confined to a small area. This can be avoided by spoofing your location. With this trick, you can teleport to any location around the world and collect rare candies without any hassle. It’s not only effective but safe as well. Just make sure to use the spoofing location in Pokemon GO.

Rare Candies are used in the game to enhance your Pokemon’s Combat Power. In addition to being useful in the game, Rare Candies increase your Pokemon’s Level. Rare Candies increase the level of a Pokemon by one. Eventually, you’ll need to use Candies XL to improve your Pokemon’s Combat Power.

You can also find rare candies by winning battles. These candies will help you get Legendary Pokemon in the game. But you can’t just buy them from the game store. You can also find them by winning raid battles. Bosses will drop one or three candies as a reward. These candies will help you level up your Pokemon and get more experience points.

If you want to maximize your chances of getting Rare Candy, you can do several tasks a day. There are also special research missions. You can complete 8 different story modes in the game. The first two tasks are easy to complete, while the last two require more difficult ones. The bonus projects will also yield higher rewards.

While there are several ways to earn Rare Candy in Pokemon GO, winning Raid Battles is one of the easiest ways to get one. The first step is to defeat the Raid Boss. The higher the level of the Raid Boss, the more rare candy you’ll get. However, this method is not recommended if you’re not confident with your skills. In addition to this, you can also complete Special Research Tasks to get rare candy.

Another way to earn Rare Candy in Pokemon GO is to meet other players and participate in competitions. You can do this by walking a certain distance. If you win four out of five battles, you’ll receive three Rare Candies from the Go Battle League. You can also complete research tasks and get rewards if you complete the missions in time.

Feeding Pokemon at a Gym is another way to earn Candy in Pokemon GO. This is one of the best ways to collect Candy at high levels. Gyms are usually packed with Dragonites, Tyranitars, and Blisseys, making this method of collecting Candy easier. The game uses candy to determine rarity and to power up your Pokemon.

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