The Best Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The Mega Pokemon are some of the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO. There are a few types that stand out in this category, but the best one is Mega Gengar, which has excellent attack stats and is a good option for offensive play. Mega Charizard is a close second, though its second tier is still a little disputed. X and Y variants share the same power, but they’re different in several ways.

There are many advantages to using a single mega in Ultra Beast, the best of which is that it can match all three Ultra Beast raid bosses. You can also choose a single mega that boosts something every hour, so it’s best to select a Mega Beedrill for the first half of the event and a Mega Chansey for the second half. If you are looking for a boost in the Nihilego Hours, Beedrill and Pansage are also good choices. You can also use Beedrill to boost Lileep and Foongus.

Mega Ampharos has decent attack stats, which make it useful against electric types. Mega Steelix, an evolution of the popular Onix, is another good option for attacking because of its Iron Tail moveset. Finally, Mega Houndoom is another excellent choice for attacking dark and fire types. But be careful not to overextend yourself with the Megas!

Mega Pidgeot has good defense and candy generation, but it does not help in the raids. It is best for casual play and new players. It’s not as powerful as Mega Rayquaza or Shadow Moltres, but it’s the best default Mega. It is also great for grinding.

Mega Mewtwo is another great Mega Pokemon. While both X and Y versions are good at all three roles, Mewtwo Y is the most effective among the two. It has the best balance between speed, coverage, and hard attacks. The Mega Mewtwo Y is also a good choice if you’re looking for a versatile defensive Pokemon.

While Mega Charizard X is the best dragon Mega, it is weak against other Dragon-type Pokemon. It has a low Stat Product, which holds it back compared to Mega Charizard X. It’s also good against electric-type Pokemon and is an excellent foil to Charizard X.

Another water type Pokemon to get the Mega treatment in Pokemon GO is Blastoise. It’s an excellent addition to the Raiding Team. When fully maxed, Blastoise has 264 Attack, 237 Defense, and 188 Stamina. While Blastoise’s Attack stat isn’t the best among Mega Pokemon, its defense and speed are impressive and make it a must-have for your Raiding Team.

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