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Hi there! I’m a tech enthusiast by day, gamer by night, and this is my website.

Swetabh Srivastava

At Cryogarden, we cover anything and everything – whether you want to catch a rare Pokemon or you want to learn about them, whether you just want to increase your Trainer Level or you’re planning to get into Go Battle League, Cryogarden provides you with everything. With a variety of topics covered, we try to tend to your every need, related to Pokemon Go.

We stand for excellence in our coverage and our products and we are committed to serving you.


Swetabh Srivastava

Swetabh Srivastava is the Co-founder & Author at Cryogarden. He's an avid tech enthusiast, having experience in the field of tech journalism for years. He now contributes his knowledge in various online platforms including Cryogarden and most other social platforms. For most part, he's a writer by day and reader by night. When he's off work, you can find him sketching or reading novels of Stephen King on the go.