Following the release of newer Generation of Pokemon each year, Niantic, this year promises to bring 72 new Gen 6 Pokemon for trainers to catch in Pokemon Go from the Kalos Region! What’s surprising this year is Niantic is introducing only 72 new Pokemon from this new Region, making it the smallest Generation added to Pokemon Go so far. What’s also notable here is Niantic will release the newer Generation Pokemon in phases like every year. This means, if you can’t find a Pokemon in game, it’s likely to be added next year in 2021.

At this point, we are still at an early phase and this is the best time to start working on Gen 6 Kalos Region Pokemon in Go Battle Leagues. Here, we will be exploring the ideal stats, movesets and matchups of all the Gen 6 Pokemon which are expected to top the the charts of Go Battle League. So, here 10 best Gen 6 Pokemon from Kalos Region for PvP and Go Battle League which are absolutely crucial for your future team PvP team:


Aegislash Cryogarden Gen 6 Kalos Region Pokemon
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

With an insane high Defense stat of 291, Aegishlash – Shield will be one of the tankiest Pokemon in Great League. At Level 40, Aegislash is even bulkier than Bastiodon, which by itself is a lot to say about a Pokemon in Great League. With a unique typing and incredible stats, Aegislash is the only Steel Type Pokemon in game to resist Fighting Type.

Using Shadow Ball & Flash Cannon (and potentially Sacred Sword) Aegislash gains multiple positive matchups against Grass, Fighting, Fairy, Psychic, Flying, Ice, and Steel-types. That’s about, half the Meta Typing coverage (with Sacred Sword) with a single Pokemon. However, this doesn’t make Aegislash invincible as it consistently loses to Fire and Ground Type matchups and Dark Types in 1 Shield situation.

Overall, a really great Gen 6 Pokemon, but with even greater potential if it get’s Sacred Sword moveset in Pokemon Go.


Chesnaught Cryogarden Gen 6 Pokemon
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Chesnaught is among the best Starter Grass Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Although it doesn’t have the best possible combination of stats in game, Chesnaught has it’s own tricks to turn things into it’s favour. Just like Aegislash, it’s gifted with a very unique typing allowing it to take on two of the strongest Great Battle League Pokemon, Azumarill and Galarian Stunfisk. Now, add to that a decent set of moveset and what you get is a Pokemon that can easily punch above it’s weight.

In the Great League, Chesnaught’s Rock Type resistance provides it with positive matchups against Deoxys-Defense and Bastiodon. While it’s Fighting Typing provides Dark type resistance, leading it to easily dominate matchups against the likes of Shiftry, Umbreon and Scrafty. On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to target the Steel Types, Chesnaught’s Mud Shot should be the ideal Fast Move, coupled with a Fighting Type Charge Attack. Lastly coming to the key losses, Chenaught consistently losses against Flying and Psychic Types, where the latter is abundant in Ultra League.

All of these factors indicate a very well rounded Gen 6 Kalos Region Pokemon which is best to be used in Great League.


Carbink Gen 6 Pokemon Go Cryogarden
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Again, much like Aegislash, Carbink has insane bulk for a Pokemon in Great League. Not only that, with a Defense Stat of 285, Carbink is the bulkiest Fairy Type Pokemon in Great League with Charm as Fast Move. Having Rock and Fairy Typing, Carbink can comfortably take on some of the most widely used Pokemon Types in Great League including the likes of Flying, Fire, Dark and Bug Type Pokemon.

Here, Carbink’s incredible bulk helps it by a lot in multiple matchups and it’s fairy wide range of Charge Moves neutralizes few of it’s weakness. For example, Carbink benefits from Earth Power to take out Steel Type Pokemon like Registeel and Luchario in Great League. When we look at Carbink’s positive matchups, it’s visible that STAB Charm and STAB Rock Slide provides excellent coverage against Flying, Fire, Dark and Bug Type Pokemon. However, even with all this goodness, it still can’t penetrate that Azumarill + Galarian Stunfisk matchup, hence, we would suggest you to run Chesnaught + Carbink for really good coverage through out the league.

It’s clear that Carbink is one of the bulkiest Pokemon with excellent movesets, it’s still not the best out there. However, it does make an impact in the Great Battle League and should be the ideal choice for trainers for the Great League.


Diggersby Cryogarden
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Diggersby is a really exciting Pokemon in the Greta League. Although it’s not gifted with the best stats on paper, it does make up for it with it’s STAB Bonused movesets. Having Mud Shot, Fire Punch and Earthquake, Diggersby has the exact same moveset as Groudon from the Master League, now brought down to Great League.

However, in Great League Diggersby doesn’t shine as much as Groudon in Master League. Here, Diggersby is more of a niche Pokemon, which lets you target only a handful of Typings in Great League including Steel, Electric and Ghost Types. Basically with Diggersby you are looking at positive matchups against Haunter, Registeel, Skarmory and Bastiodon. Now this may bring up some great positive matchups for Diggersby but you have to keep in mind that Diggersby is weak to Water, Grass, Ice and Fighting Type Pokemon, which are found in abundance in the Great League.

Even though it might not seem like a top tier performer, Diggersby has it’s own niche and when combined with a decent bulk stat, it can be the best support Pokemon of your Great League Team.


Hawlucha Cryogarden Gen 6 Pokemon Go
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Hawlucha might not look like the shiniest Pokemon in terms of stats but it really does have has some important assets up it’s sleeve. Even with a poor Defense and average Stamina Stats Hawlucha still manages to impress us with it’s incredible set of moves and as again it’s unique typing. Here, we are not just talking about an average good moveset, but a meta defining move. We are talking about Flying Press, which is the best Flying Type move in PvP for Trainer Battles in game.

With Flying Press combined with a Fighting Type move, Hawlucha get’s an almost unresisting coverage over the competition. These two Typing complement each other and provide well rounded coverage over the meta. In both the Great and Ultra League, Hawlucha absolutely dominates the Dark, Fighting, Grass, Ground and Bug Type Pokemon, while hitting it’s weaknesses like Flying, Ice and Psychic Types with neutral damage.

Hawlucha is a really interesting Pokemon and works the best in Great League due to it’s capped stat. Overall, a really great Gen 6 Pokemon for PvP.


Pangoro Cryogarden
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Pangoro is yet another Gen 6 Pokemon which has a unique combination of Typings, featuring Fighting and Dark Types. But this Pokemon doesn’t really rely to much on it’s Typing but rather on it’s versatile moveset combined with decent average stats. Pangoro has the same Typing as Scrafty and it’s movset is same as Zangoose. What makes Pangoro better than both of these Pokemon is the STAB Attack Bonus on both Night Slash and Close Combat, and having better Attack and Stamina Stat than both of these Pokemon.

In Ultra League, Pangoro has positive matchups against Dark, Ghost, Psychic, Ice and Steel Type Pokemon, including the likes of Giratina, Gallade, Gengar, Abomasnow, Snorlax, Empoleon and Mewtwo. These Pokemon are a common threat in Ultra League but Pangoro handles them with ease. But again, as with other Gen 6 Pokemon on this list, Pangoro doesn’t come without it’s weakness. Here, in the form of Fairy and Fighting Type Pokemon. The four most common threats here would be Cresselia, Cleffable, Machamp and Gardevoir.

Pangoro brings out an improvement over the existing Pokemon of the same class and it’s always a welcome. Overall, a decent Gen 6 Pokemon which deserves to be one of your Ultra League picks.


Trevenant Cryogarden Pokemon Go
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Just like other Gen 6 Pokemon, Trevenant enjoys a wonderful typing which really adds up to it’s fire power. The Ghost and Grass Typing here focuses heavily on offense which is a good thing for Trevenant, as this allows it to have multiple positive matchups against various different Typings, including Grounds, Psychics, Fighting, Ghost and Grass Types.

In Great League Trevenant triumphs over Alolan Marowak, Haunter, Venusaur, Medicham, Azumarill and Stunfisk, while it faces challenges against Fire, Ice, Dark and Flying Types. In Ultra League, Trevenant easily beats Swampert, Cresselia, Mewtwo, Escavalier, Machamp, Venusaur, Gallade, Toxicroak, and Empoleon, while managing a neutral stance against Giratina, Registeel, Lucario and Gyarados. Due to it’s low Defense Stat, Trevenant is more like a glass cannon, and is more likely to suffer in the Ultra League. So, it’s recommended to use Trevenant in Great League.

Trevenant is a really promising Gen 6 Pokemon which again enjoys a unique typing and takes full advantage of it. It would be wise to get Trevenant in your Great League team as soon as possible.


Avalugg Pokemon Go Cryogarden
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Avalugg is one of the bulkiest pure Ice Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. With a Defense Stat of 240 and Stamina Stat of 216, Avalugg is built like a tank, and is viable to be used in both Ultra and Master League. Although, it may seem like low on Max CP at Level 40 for Master League, it’s Max CP jumps upto 3615 at Level 50.

Although, it’s Attack Stat is below 200, Avalugg’s excellent set of movesets makes up for it big time, as both Avalanche and Earthquake deals really high damage while Body Slam hit’s target with neutral damage and charges quickly. Coming to the Go Battle, Avalugg performs really well in both the higher leagues but it shines the brightest in Master League. This is because there are a lot of Pokemon in the Master League which are weak to both Ice and Ground Type Attacks.

This means Avalugg is strong against Grass, Dragon, Ice and Ground Type Pokemon, while being weak to Steel, Fire, Rock and Fighting Type Pokemon. While still hitting it’s weaknesses with a counter move. This makes Avalugg one of the best Ice Type Pokemon and a really good Pokemon as a whole in Master League.


Yveltal Pokemon Go Cryogarden Gen 6 Pokemon
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Yveltal is an absolute monster of a Pokemon and is set to take place in the Master League meta on it’s arrival. With an amazing set of stats, combined with a really high Max CP and it’s Flying Typing, Yveltal becomes one of the most fierce Master League Pokemon. Here, unlike other Pokemon on this list, Yveltal isn’t only bulky but it’s a really excellent Attacker with an Attack Stat of 275 in game.

On it’s arrival, Yveltal will go head to head with other great Pokemon in the Master League including the likes of Groudon, Dialga, Melmetal and Lugia. Strange enough, Yveltal would manage to beat every single aforementioned Pokemon. This is partly because of it’s incredible Fast Move and partly due it’s Typing. Yveltal’s sub-Flying Typing would help it defend from damages taken from Fighting Type moves and it’s Fast Type move, Snarl or Gust would take care of the rest.

With Yveltal as the strongest Dark Type Pokemon in Master League, it has positive matchups against most of the top tier Master League Pokemon like Groudon, Dialga, Melmetal, Mewtwo and Lugia. With all these put together, Yveltal becomes one of the best Gen 6 Master League Pokemon in Master League alongside Zygarde.


Zygarde Pokemon Go Cryogarden Gen 6 Pokemon
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Zygarde has a really well rounded bulk stat in game. With a Defense Stat of 232 and Stamina Stat of 239, Zygarde is balanced in such a way that it’s Defense compliments it’s Stamina Stat, which in a Trainer Battle matters the most. Here again, just like it’s stats, being a Dragon and Ground Type plays a key role for Zygarde in dominating the meta in both Ultra and Master League.

Using Earth Power and Crunch, Zygarde would easily dominate the Steel, Electric and Psychic Types in Ultra League. Here, we are talking about beating the likes of Melmetal, Registeel, Mewtwo and Giratina with STAB bonused Earth Power and Crunch. On the other hand, things get even better for Zygarde in the Master League, where it has completely unresisted coverage on some of the most widely used Pokemon in this big league. Here, Zygarde has positive matchups against Melmetal, Dialga, Giratina, Lugia, Zekrom, Reshiram, Ho-Oh, Metagross and many more.

If you think of it, Zygarde is much more viable for Master League than Ultra League, however, it can deliver a really satisfying performance in both of the Leagues.

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